Monday, May 13, 2013

PTQ: Theros Tournament Report

By: Nic Chrysochou

The competitor stands at the starting line. Eyes focused, adrenaline pumping through his body increasing his heart rate; shaking his hands as if they contained dice as a gambler would do at a craps table; flicking his feet forwards as if kicking an imaginary football; licking his lips in anticipation...

My preparation for the double header weekend began shortly after the Gatecrash release. I had decided to attempt to relax and enjoy playing Magic the Gathering (MtG) as a hobby again after a series of very unexpected and disappointing results.

I had competed in all the following available qualifier events over the past year after the World Magic Cup 2012 (WMC):
·         South African Invitational in Johannesburg
·         PTQ Gatecrash (Montreal) in Cape Town
·         PTQ Dragon’s Maze (San Diego) in Johannesburg
The lead up to all these events were done in a similar manner and I was confident that the process and procedures I followed would bring success.